Friday, 19 October 2012

Meet Miss Luna!!

long distance

Long awaiting companion, we got the black bunny yesterday, all the way in Banksia Grove. 
We were told on arrival the bunny had a bad family before therefore she is always frightened, so hope fully Miffy will be a great companion for her, when we got her she was very different from Miffy when he was a baby. 

oh… we named her Luna. 

She was very soft and flimsy like no muscle at all and when i placed her on the ground her hind legs were very slippery, so being a worry wart like I am, I booked her in to the vet the very next day and had her checked out. vet said cos she was in a bad condition possibly just locked up in the cage and no roaming. Her muscles never got exercised, hence the limpness and possibly the diet was not right for her, poor thing.

Well one thing I know for sure at now she is vaccinated and now the hard part is litter train her, hope it will go well considering she is adult stage now and never been potty trained. But at least now shes  going to have a friend to snuggle up to. 
They actually bonded quite well. Miffy is desexed so nothing to worry about. sigh of relief, no baby bunnies for this couple.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


OMG ! How did this happen? Is this due to laziness, being disorganised, or just too much impulse buying or electronic goods. 

Anyway after a long time of detangling, all are sorted and labeled.  
Hopefully they will stay organised, neat and tidy for a lil bit longer.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

mini quiche time

Hmm what to eat in winter time when you feel snacky???
mini quiche always hit the spot for me.. but I have to say I do get impatient waiting for them too cool down so they don't burn my tongue when I shove them in my mouth.

puff pastry

egg, cream, onion, bacon and cheese.

Sake Bar

We went to Sake Bar in Northbridge to celebrate our 2 year anniversary.
I have to say the sushi and sashimi was so fresh and yummy. I just wanted to keep on eating and eating and eating, but of course I couldn't or else I would explode.
But here are some photos of the food we ordered.

Spider roll.. have to order its a must. soft shell crab with avocado and caviar.. I LOVE AVOCADO !!!!
Sashimi and Sushi bridge
Plum Wine & Sake (hot)
And finally for desert…Green tea red bean ice cream and Black sesame ice cream.

The food was so good we would definitely go back again. We went there in a Saturday night and at 8pm the front bar area dimes its light and starts playing hip hop R&B music.
Any one that likes japanese and hasn't been.. give it a try. And just a quick note. 

***For people that has the Entertainment card. So worth a try u get a 25% discount of the whole bill.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Pandan Chiffon Cake

once cooked take out of oven and turn upside down for 20 mins

use a knife and carefully slide around the edge of the tin


look how fluffy and soft the cake is. ^_^
 It took me 2 try's to get this right, the 1st time  the recipe I used was too much for my cake tin.
so the second time I halved the recipe and it turned out just perfect.
Instead of using Pandan leaves, I used Pandan essence instead.

Pandan Chiffon Cake
Step 1:
4 medium egg yolks
28g  caster sugar
28grams water mix with half teaspoon of pandan extract
  42g olive oil
 70g self raising flour
Beat egg yolk and sugar lightly with a hand whisk till sugar dissolve.
Stir  in pandan juice and olive oil.
Sift and fold self raising flour into egg mixture.
Set aside.

Step 2: 
(meringue mix)
4 egg whites
 70g caster sugar
pinch of salt
Beat egg whites till frothy. Slowly add in sugar and pinch of salt while beating at high speed.
Beat until the egg white is stiff and shining but not dry. ( About 3 minutes)

Step 3:
Preheat oven at 175 degrees Celsius. If fan forced 150'C
Use a spatula and gently fold egg yolk mixture into the egg white mixture(meringue).
Pour into an ungreased 25cm tube pan.
Bake for 40-45 minutes.
Once cake is cooked, remove cake from oven immediately and invert (turn cake pan upside down) pan onto wire rack. Let it cool fully before removing cake from pan.

Tip: The secret is the chiffon tin...
if you don't have a chiffon tin you can also use 
this recipe using 
Paper Baking Cups. 

Hope this recipe works for you guys.

Happy eating!!



Hopefully these little guys can survive the cold winter nights.

Monday, 21 May 2012

Million Paws Walk 2012

This was Suki's 1st time participating in "Millions Paws Walk" for 2012 we missed out last year.
She was so excited to see so many other dogs, all different types and sizes. 
1st Time seeing so many dogs… excitement overload
Border collie x kelpie SUKI 

cute red bow
friends SUKI & YUKI
cute cute shiba inu - YUKI
samurai YUKI

A tired Suki

Kitty Kitty !

I found a little kitty on my doorstep a few weeks ago and I guess I did the wrong thing and fed it , but it was so hungry I gave it some milk and some fish. Kitty loved it and didn't want to go home or where it came from.

When I woke up the next day kitty was I found out that kitty had slept near NJ's motor bike all night. I felt so bad and let it come inside the house. Kitty seemed so comfortable but I also felt really sad for the family it had run away from cos it was a young kitty. I tried introducing kitty to miffy and they got along smoothly.
But I would only keep kitty inside if one of us was home. Kitty only had stayed about 4 days and then he was gone.
Felt a bit like Puss in boots… take a look. O_O

miu !



Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hot Cross Buns

Hope all of you guys had a great Easter with family and friends: 
Heres my attempt at making Hot cross buns.

click here to get recipe: hot cross buns

1/4 cup caster sugar

unsalted butter

sift 4 cups plain flour

rub butter in flour

cinnamon, mixed spice & salt

left clock wise: yeast mixture, flour mixture, egg, sultanas &  cranberries

knead until firm dough 

cover & keep in greased bowl and put in warm place for 45 mins

Holidays 2012

Back from Holidays in Thailand, Hong Kong Macau & Malaysia, and here are some photos to share 

They call them "Eggete's" in Hong Kong

Harbour side Laser Show HK every night at 8pm

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum HK - Mong Kok
We waited for 1 1/2 hours at we got there at 11am.. -_-!

just some of the food we ordered. 

Yes I finally found u...♥HK

Stinky Tofu - HK

Freshly made U-Teow - HK

Pharaoh Casino - Macau

Wynn Casino - Macau

The Giant Croissant - Angela's Cafe - Macau. 
A Sandwich Cafe in shopping mall and we waited 50 mins to get a seat… but it was worth it !

1st time eating sea urchin @ Monster Fish - HK

1st time eating Famous Portuguese Egg Tart.. very addictive =)

Sunset in Macau

Famous Pork Chop Bun.. wish they had it here..Macau
and finally…… PANDAS !!!!!!

XIN XIN - Female

HAI HAI - Male

are u looking at me?

Mango Heaven - A must in HK

Sago, Mango, Coconut … yum yum yum - HK

Archery - KL

Romantic dinner @ TGI Fridays on earth hour. KL

Traffic in busy KL. 

I dont have and photos from Thailand cos I was so clumsy I left my phone on the plane. =(