Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hot Cross Buns

Hope all of you guys had a great Easter with family and friends: 
Heres my attempt at making Hot cross buns.

click here to get recipe: hot cross buns

1/4 cup caster sugar

unsalted butter

sift 4 cups plain flour

rub butter in flour

cinnamon, mixed spice & salt

left clock wise: yeast mixture, flour mixture, egg, sultanas &  cranberries

knead until firm dough 

cover & keep in greased bowl and put in warm place for 45 mins

Holidays 2012

Back from Holidays in Thailand, Hong Kong Macau & Malaysia, and here are some photos to share 

They call them "Eggete's" in Hong Kong

Harbour side Laser Show HK every night at 8pm

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum HK - Mong Kok
We waited for 1 1/2 hours at we got there at 11am.. -_-!

just some of the food we ordered. 

Yes I finally found u...♥HK

Stinky Tofu - HK

Freshly made U-Teow - HK

Pharaoh Casino - Macau

Wynn Casino - Macau

The Giant Croissant - Angela's Cafe - Macau. 
A Sandwich Cafe in shopping mall and we waited 50 mins to get a seat… but it was worth it !

1st time eating sea urchin @ Monster Fish - HK

1st time eating Famous Portuguese Egg Tart.. very addictive =)

Sunset in Macau

Famous Pork Chop Bun.. wish they had it here..Macau
and finally…… PANDAS !!!!!!

XIN XIN - Female

HAI HAI - Male

are u looking at me?

Mango Heaven - A must in HK

Sago, Mango, Coconut … yum yum yum - HK

Archery - KL

Romantic dinner @ TGI Fridays on earth hour. KL

Traffic in busy KL. 

I dont have and photos from Thailand cos I was so clumsy I left my phone on the plane. =(